Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why Blogger?

Bye-bye WordPress...
Simple: Google+ integration. Even though I have used for years, I found WordPress' lack of Google+ integration to be very frustrating.

I need a blogging platform that has a social component that is tightly integrated. If I am to succeed as a blogger, it will be because I find a way to connect with my audience which will never happen unless I make it easy for people to share what I write. When I write. :-) WordPress has a great community, but not well aligned with my interests.

Here on Blogger, I can easily use Google+ -- my preferred social network -- to build my audience (as I have time). If you like what you read here, please share it with your social circles and even give me a +1 -- if you think I deserve it.

Hello, Blogger!
As soon as I finish tweaking my DNS, this is the new home of If you already knew that URL, you might not notice any change other than a new appearance.

I'm not going to delete (it's been alive for 3+ years, after all), but all new Whisky2.0 content will be here, on Blogger.

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