Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oban 21 at The Albion River Inn

On my last night at the Albion River Inn, I treated myself to a serving of Oban 21.

I was lucky to have the first serving from a new bottle, number 1,040 of only 2,860 bottles that Diageo will make available.

The whisky (to me) had nutty qualities on the nose (marzipan, hazelnut) as well as pepper, and as I added more water I got dried fruits like cherries and sugar syrup. The combination of fruits and sugar syrup reminded me of a hint of cough syrup. The nose on the finish had lovely complex wood notes (vanilla, leather, tobacco).

Just the facts:
  • Oban 21 Year Old Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky
  • Cask strength; 58.5% ABV
    • Opens up nicely with a bit of water - I got hints of cinnamon as I added tiny amounts of water
Thanks again to Chelsea and Laura for making sure I had a chance to sample this very rare dram!

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