Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bruichladdich - Fiercely Independent No More?

It has been announced (this past Monday), in accordance with French commercial regulations, that Bruichladdich is in talks to be acquired by Rémy Cointreau. I am very disappointed and yet happy at the same time. This sounds like a great fit for Rémy, as they have no whisk(e)y in their spirits portfolio.

I always loved Bruichladdich's products, and their swagger and "do whatever the hell we feel like" and "they're our stills and we'll use them as we damned well please" attitudes (note: not exact quotes). I hope that Bruichladdich's new corporate overlords deliver the financial stability so the distillery can last for centuries, and will refrain from interfering in what has made Bruichladdich special these last 10 years.

I'm drinking a shot of 3D3 in celebration of their good fortune! Slàinte mhòr!

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